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Unveiling the Reason Behind India’s Emergence in the ONDC Revolution

India has continually proven itself as a global pioneer in adopting and implementing large-scale digital infrastructures, manifest through successful initiatives such as UPI (Unified Payments Interface), AADHAAR, and others. Stepping into the next phase of technological innovation, India introduces the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), a revolutionary stride that seeks to reshape the contours of e-commerce operations in the country through the application of an open-source, protocol-based framework.

This ambitious initiative doesn’t just aim to streamline the transition towards digital commerce but also aims to be a catalyst that fuels the growth and development of Indian startups. By cultivating an environment for scalable, cost-effective, and open-protocol-based e-commerce, ONDC is all set to unlock boundless potential and foster collaborative growth among startups, particularly within the ONDC Buyer Apps Development in Cochin sector. As we advance towards a future driven by digital technology, embracing platforms like ONDC becomes pivotal in shaping a resilient and sustainable digital economy.

What is the Progress Report of ONDC?

As it stands, the ONDC initiative is in its active testing phase, primarily focusing on the food & beverages (F&B) and grocery sectors. As major entities with extensive user bases like banks, telecom operators, and social media platforms embrace ONDC, it decentralizes consumers’ dependence on a specific e-commerce platform. Whether through their bank app, telecom app, chat app, or any other buyer-side partner involved with ONDC, consumers gain access to a comprehensive list of sellers across the network.

From the viewpoint of merchants, the main issue that ONDC effectively addresses is the challenge of being discovered on e-commerce platforms. Currently, search results are predominantly determined by those brands that offer higher margins or invest more heavily in advertising on the platform. This method leaves merchants who cannot match these expenses with limited visibility to potential customers. However, with the ONDC platform, every registered merchant enjoys equal discoverability across buyer apps, regardless of which seller-side app they have registered with. This not only increases their visibility but also offers fair competition, making the ONDC Buyer Apps Development in Cochin an attractive and beneficial prospect.

Fundamental Components of ONDC

The Essential Components of ONDC Deciphered

The structure and operation of ONDC are remarkably clear when visualized through the figure below.

ONDC Ecosystem:
The ONDC ecosystem is composed of network participants who affiliate with ONDC as a buyer-side app, seller-side app, or a gateway.

Buyer-side Apps — These are applications that liaise with the demand side for products or services. This category encompasses user-focused applications, voice assistants, chatbots, and more.

Seller-side Apps — These are applications for the supply side of products and services. These platforms can process requests from buyers, publish their catalog of offerings, and manage buyer orders effectively.

Gateway — This vital component acts as the orchestrator for all buyer and seller services. The Gateway is designed to handle the discovery of products and services for the buyer based on location by broadcasting the request to available sellers that fit the location and customer preferences.

The interaction among these applications is facilitated through Adaptor interfaces, or open APIs, which are developed based on the open-source interoperable protocol by Beckn. Beckn, a non-profit organization, was founded in October 2019 by Nandan Nilekani, Pramod Varma, and Sujith Nair. They designed the inaugural version of the Beckn Protocol — a suite of open-source specifications, initially created with mobility needs in mind. Early adopters of the Beckn protocol include hyperlocal services such as Dunzo, B2B startup Paisool, ShopX, Goodbox, logistics providers like Delhivery, Shadowfax, and fintech Juspay, which was instrumental in building the UPI ecosystem. In essence, the Beckn protocol provides a standard blueprint for sellers, buyers, and logistics applications to interact seamlessly with each other.

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